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Craft Beer Section


Looking over our ever growing Craft Beer section, I was happy to see we have over 300 different beers in bottles and cans and over 50 different kegs of beer. And I think it’s safe to assume that we aren’t done adding beer to inventory. We have the beer drinking community to thank for helping us dive so deep into such a fun and passionate venture and look forward to growing with you! ‪#‎craftbeer‬ ‪#‎beerschool‬ ‪#‎rarebeer‬ ‪#‎freshbeer‬

House Wines

Dark HorseCabernetCalifornia$5
Dark HorseChardonnayCalifornia$5
Dark HorseMerlotCalifornia$5
Dark HorseSauvignon BlancCalifornia$5
Coastal VinePinot GrigioCalifornia$5
Castello del Paggio MoscatoItaly$6
Guenoc Pinot NoirCalifornia$
Regge RedSweet RedIndiana$5
Francois Montand SplitBrutFrance$7

Wines of the Month

PerlitaCaliforniaMalbec / Syrah$6n
Venta la OssaSpainTempranillo$7
Commandierie de la BargemoneAustraliaRose$7
Anne Amie Cuvee A Muller-ThurgauOregonMuller-Thurgau$7n
Kung Fu Girl WashingtonReisling$6